‘Tis the Season

‘Tis The Season

by Derek Flex Felix


‘Tis the season

For dreaming and believing

When all we do is hurt each other

Pain and anguish like former lovers


We are constantly fighting

Cause hard words are biting

Revealing the ugly side inside ourselves

This is America a nation in bad mental health


Impatient drivers who abuse the law

Even if it means hit and runs causing an uproar

Broken hearts for families due to idiocy

No wonder Donald Trump could get elected sheer lunacy


There’s no hope for the future if we don’t change

It’s time to take back the streets and lock up these thugs in a cage

Cause it could be yours or mine who’s next

This ain’t the world we grew up in what the heck


I see a lot of heartless people uneducated without any soul

They’re too busy running a muck having lost all control

The kind of spineless self serving individualists who must go

Lock them up toss the key throw them out of this show


You don’t belong on these streets

It’s time to take out the trash and miscreants

Let the rats have at it for their next meal

Making us a stronger city with better appeal


‘Tis the season

For deceit and cheating

From drug dealers

Crooks and feelers


Who’d kill their own

Just for quick cash and a new i-phone

The kind who destroy society

While living in luxury and proprietary


The kind who get rich pushing heroin

Contributing to addicts overdosing and deaths

You’re the real felons who don’t deserve to live

The next stop is jail without bail and no wealth


No more lenient sentences

For hurtful people with no conscience

Sending you away to barbed wire and caged fences

You’re the ones who should suffer and be unconscious


Rot in hell like the criminals you are

You work for the Devil see fire red

No more lifestyle just a wall and bars

Sealed off from the outside world in bed


Let’s rid ourselves of the weak

Who are leeches that drain us

The time has come to rise up and speak

Leaving behind the cruel hopeless murderers


Christmas 2015

Daisy Fuentes

I am dreaming of a Christmas with snow and cooler crisp temps in the 30’s. That would be real unlike the bizarre 60 to 70 degrees we are getting here in the Big Apple with rain showers.

I guess you can’t have everything. If the sun came out, that would be enough. Whatever the case may be, we will all rejoice and have Christmas dinner with loved ones and close friends. Enjoy the magic of the holiday season for believing and dreaming.

With the year coming to a close, here are some holiday wishes in sports and life.

1.For the Giants to stop embarrassing themselves. Even if it means winning this weekend and the Redskins win the NFC East and eliminate them from playoff contention, just give Big Blue fans one Sunday to take pride in the team. That means no more hot dogging from Odell Beckham, Jr. and no more chokes from the defense. Play like Giants.

2.For the Jets to actually do something that isn’t Same Old Jets and earn a win against the Patriots taking them one step closer to the playoffs led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. They will need help in the form of a Steelers loss or Chiefs or even the Broncos to lose out. But Gang Green supporters sure deserve a January of meaningful games.

3.For MTV to be overtaken by actual music gods who give a damn about the music! Not the garbage shows they have on. And for rock ‘n roll and metal to be part of their channel again. VH1 too. No more!

4.For The Cars talents to finally be recognized by the Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Shame for 2017 induction. They were geniuses who inspired so much and changed the way music felt and sounded. Do it for the gone but never forgotten Benjamin Orr whose voice is only one of the most soulful and best ever. Honor the genius of Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes and David Robinson.

5.For nothing but the best for coach Chris Mullin as he and assistant Mitch Richmond continue to develop a new program at St. John’s University.

6.For the Mets to actually show some compassion for their loyal fans and add another outfield bat and a key arm to aid a weak bullpen which is a concern entering 2016.

7.For the Yankees to act like the Yankees and make a move that could impact the present and future.

8.For Knicks coach Derek Fisher to actually settle on a 10-man rotation eventually and not keep Cleanthony Early glued to the bench. And for Melo to close out a game for once instead of disappearing.

9.For the Nets to actually try to put a watchable product at Atlantic Avenue in downtown Brooklyn instead of making hoops lifers sick to their stomachs. Fans can still go see Lincoln, Boys and Girls and Jefferson for cheaper and get much better value.

10.For sports stations to cover the sports like they’re supposed to be covered. More about the game than the sideshow it’s become full of distractions and ridiculousness of social media.

11.For Roger Federer to win one more grand slam in his illustrious career. And for Rafael Nadal to come back and get one more French Open. And for Novak Djokovic to be challenged again.

12.For any woman to beat Serena Williams at a grand slam and not be retiring. For there to be actual competition. And for Serena to learn good sportsmanship when she loses.

13.For Tiger Woods to give himself a Euro vacation and not return till 2017. He needs time away.

14.For the Point Break remake on Christmas not to totally suck and embarrass Bodi (Patrick Swayze) and Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves).

15.For the Rangers and Islanders to have a playoff series in the Spring that is as memorable as has been for a classic rivalry in quite some time.

16.For the cocky Carolina Panthers to come down to earth and have the stuffing beat out of them for their arrogance and stupidity.

17.For Beckham, Jr. to have finally learned his lesson and never celebrate with foolish dances after touchdowns which don’t decide games. For him to learn the meaning of becoming a true athlete kids can admire.

18.For there to be more radio broadcasts like the Giants one on WFAN in New York called by awesome play by play man Bob Papa and Carl Banks, who always make sure to call it right down the middle. They’ll always go after their team for not playing or acting to capability.

19.For the legendary Dick Vitale to get a lifetime achievement award and finally have the pleasure of calling a Final Four. There’s no more passionate college hoops announcer in the biz. He deserves it a year after Bill Raftery got his One Shining Moment.

20.For sports radio to have a little more balance. More creativity. Not the same old song and dance. It gets tiring and even as loathsome as a Mike Lupica column.

21.For everyone out there to enjoy themselves. We all deserve a break. We all deserve time away. Whether it be a great time with friends or a awesome show or concert or movie, give ourselves a breather.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂