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Okay. So the title of this new post is Disappointment. Why would I do such a thing? Because at various times, we have all suffered from it. Whatever it might be, whether it’s how we’re treated on a job or dealing with people, we are bound to experience disappointment in life.

For me, it’s been all too common. I’m not where I need to be quite yet. But as I write these blogs, I’m moving in the right direction. It’s a therapeutic way for me to communicate what’s going on. By being honest, I’m getting off my chest my true feelings on the situation.

It’s six days until my 40th birthday. Other than plans made with my family, I still don’t have a clue if any of my friends want to do something. To me, that isn’t right. While it’s true I may not be your normal person this age due to not being like friends my age who are married with kids, I am a cool person to be around. Ask any of my close friends younger than myself and they’ll tell you. I’m your guy if you want to hang out or do something.

Just the other night, we went to see my friend at her new job. She’s a bartender at a nice place that’s about 20 minutes away. It actually is right around where I grew up out here. It brings back memories. So, we checked it out and even though it was late, we had a blast. For someone who’s younger, she sure has her shit together. She’s been doing bartending for six years. It’s nice to see someone who is mature enough to hold her own at what’s a demanding job with customers who at times can be annoying.

For her, it’s worth it because she knows what she’s doing and enjoys her job. Bartenders make a lot of money. If only I were that kind of person. I’m easy to get along with. I just don’t know if I’m the right fit for handling and mixing drinks. I’d probably be lousy cause I’m kind of clumsy. Ha. I know they train you. It probably explains why I never waited tables or did retail.

At the moment, I’m exploring my options. There are some intriguing possibilities. I do need a change. Something that isn’t as slow paced. More moving around and more being involved. I am giving serious consideration to a couple of things that would change my life for the better. I know it’s the right time.

As far as disappointment goes, I want more for myself. So, there is motivation and extra incentive to do the right thing moving forward. As my birthday draws nearer, I feel calmer about things. I understand what must happen. I have the power to do it.

Until next time. 🙂


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Derek Felix

Derek Felix is sports blogger whose previous experience included two stints at ESPN as a stat researcher for NHL and WNBA telecasts. The Staten Island native also worked behind the scenes for MSG as a production assistant on New Jersey Devil games. An avid New York sports fan who enjoys covering events, writing, concerts, movies and the outdoors, Derek has scored Berkeley Carroll basketball games since 2006 and provided an outlet for the Park Slope school's student athletes. Hitting Back gives them the publicity they deserve. From players, coaches to administrators, it's a first class program. In his free time, he also attends Ranger games and is a loyal St. John's alum with a sports management degree.

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