“The Darkness before the Holiday lights”

“The Darkness before the Holiday lights”

by Derek Felix AKA D Flex


I sit here very quietly in my room

Pondering the brighter days of June

When it’s cold and chilly in December

Daydreaming of special days past to remember


Reminded of fun get togethers full of joy

When our family was close knit as a boy

I miss those days with grandma and grandpa

In the land of Coney we always saw


Time passes and things begin to change

You grow up and learn the hard way

Adulting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

There’s not as much fun or free time


It’s constant work and paying bills

No wonder it feels so dark outside

A metaphor for the winter around the corner

When temperatures drop, snow falls and ice freezes up


As I start up my car, I get chills up and down my spine

Reminded of ghosts past when there was a sense of normalcy

Not the bitterness that surrounds this place

Or the impatience and rude behavior of miscreants


It isn’t Chanukah or Christmas around this town

At least not for me when I have no peace

That went out the window long ago

Santa bring your presents and help me see the light


I’m tired a lot these days from everything

My birthday came and went without much fanfare

It’s harder when your friends don’t have time for you

And the ones you really care about don’t exist


My wish would be to go back to a easier time

When cold Decembers mattered and warmed my heart

Presents were exchanged along with laughter and the spirit of the tree in Rockefeller Center lit up for all to see

A memorable time prior to darkness before the Holiday lights



Until the end of the world


The title choice is inspired by the wild and wacky weather we’ve had this week. We have gone from snow not too long ago and icy conditions to Spring conditions with temps approaching 70 degrees. It really is crazy for late February. Not that I mind. I didn’t even have to wear a jacket to work.

So, is the end of the world near? If you’ve heard U2’s underrated hit “Until The End of The World,” from the overlooked Achtung Baby  album in the early 90’s, then maybe you can feel it too. But despite all the warning signs of manic and panic, the world isn’t ending. That’s a good thing.

We get to choose what we want to do each day. I choose to enjoy every day to the fullest. Not the dullest like my job which can put you in a sleep induced coma. Customer service is so thankless. But I’m not here to discuss that. I’m here to remind everyone of everything good. You won’t get anything negative from me in this space.

I choose to stay positive and think about the people in my life. My family is all here. My friends are too. The awesome coworkers I share laughs with over these six years. Of course, my writing which always has some creativity and paints a different picture which is unique and takes me away from everything. That’s art.

That includes music. Something I will always share with people I meet. It also includes my random rhymes. I got my new car finally washed Thursday. It only took 30 minutes after the first place was too backed up. Everyone wants to do it when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. Almost too nice for words. But I’ll take it. We all will.

Do I have any pearls of wisdom? You bet your ass I do. 😉

Current mood: “Good Vibrations” Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch


Stay true to yourself 

And in good health 

See the good inside 

Smile on the outside 

Let the sun shine 

Like a fancy rhyme 

Enjoy the poetic sky 

As the birds echo a cry 

Fly away into a different dimension

Beyond the level of comprehension

Raise the roof 

Because each and every day you are the truth

Hit it out of the park 

Like the Babe lighting up a spark

I got more bars than electric guitars

Like Jimi Hendrix and all my shining stars

They sit high above the roof top 

Cause legends never die the cream of the crop

Jimi, 2Pac, Biggie, Marley and Lennon 

Were champions of life always winning 

Their message was one of hope 

Rather than the negative spread by mainstream media dopes

Whose only goal in life is to bring you down 

When we should be our own person minus the frown

Spreading a message of peace and love 

End the hate conquer and divide rise above 

Live for each day and do it our way 

Yesterday is gone it’s all about today 

Love and respect each other 

Stand together for one and another 

We can accomplish anything our heart desires

My heart bleeds red with plenty of fire 

Showing emotion because I care 

Never live my life in fear 

I’ll rise above the rest 

God willing we’ll pass this test 

From coast to coast 

East to west we must be the best 

“The Hype”


“The Hype”

By Derek Felix AKA Flex


It was all about the hype 

You were it from the very beginning

Always looking fresh and ripe 

A magnet that’s always winning 


One of life’s jewels of the nile 

All fancy dancy in full bloom 

As you style and profile walk down that aisle

Turning days of cold gloom into warm June 


Cause you’re a star the one that shines 

A perfect gem that lights up the night 

Inspiring me to new heights and rhymes 

You’re like Air Jordan taking full flight 


I can see you rising above the rest 

Flying over the florescent sky 

You know that deep down you’re the best 

The unique one who stands so high 


The hype 

Is for real 

The hype 

Has always been the real deal

Someone who makes me smile 

I wish you’d stay a while 

We could sip champagne 

And dance in the purple rain 

Letting the drops touch our hair 

Living life without fear 


You were always the hype 

Who was in my dreams 

Your unique design so fine

When I see your laser beams 


Captivating me as I am left speechless 

I’m addicted to your sweet candy 

My head turns at your sight all breathless 

Searching for your vanilla chocolate all tasty


As you walk towards me my heart races

The pounding growing as anxiety kicks in 

Reminding me of the old school group changing faces

Just for one look I’ll take it and sip gin and win


You’re like the moon on the best night 

So desirable and undeniable full of glow 

Standing out like a rock star under Broadway lights

Cause damn you’re the whole show 


The hype 

Was all the proof

The hype 

Because you’re the truth

We can raise the roof 

Till the crack of dawn

We can soar to new heights 

And enjoy the midnight sky 

Your the hype of love 

I never questioned why


Bob Marley Wallpaper

This one doesn’t have a title. I just wrote it on Facebook as a status and did it from heart. What else. ❤

Come to think of it. I’ll call it “Heaven.”


by Derek Felix AKA D Flex 

If I told you the truth
You’d be floored
As we raise the roof
Drinks on me are poured

In a unique place of love
Full of enthusiasm and peace
Two fingers to the sky above
Like Bob Marley that’s our piece

Cause Jimi plays in heaven
With more soul shredding the electric guitar
Playing our star spangled banner
The way it should be like a rockstar

I can see you 2Pac in the air
Rapping about real issues nothing fake
Living your life without fear
Cause Makaveli was always wake

I’ll see you one day up in the puffy whites
We’ll groove to only the best magic beats
Shedding so much under the electric lights
An art of poetry so good we can taste it so sweet

Flying in over a rainbow dressed in black
With virtuoso sounds and words of mine
Leaving no doubt that we’ll be back
Always knowing that y’all are so fine

“In A Flash” Part I


“In A Flash” Fea. Luniz I Got 5 On It (Instrumental)

by Derek Felix 


One day I saw you for the very first time

Damn right I knew I wanted to make you mine

You had that sick flow with the rhythm and rhyme

A unique style and profile that made you so fine 


You would show up and time would stand still 

Heads would turn to see you cause looks could kill

Had it all from head to toe you broke my will 

I’d take you on a roller coaster ride just for the cheap thrill 


We would go up and down until the end of time 

Me admiring your work of art and design 

And that pleasant smile that never lost its shine 

I would like to taste you and sip your fine wine 


I’d get down on my knees as if to propose  

Cause that’s how witty and pretty you are your rose 

The one that’s ruby red lips like cherry all good to go

You light up like Broadway dancing to the beat in this show 


In a flash 

You lit up the sky 

In a flash 

You took me so high 

I couldn’t get down 

From your mesmerizing sight

No somber days with you around

Your sparkling cider makes it alright 

Let’s make it last forever 

And I promise we’ll be together 

“The Winter Moon”


“The Winter Moon”

by Derek Felix 

The winter moon 

Catches my eyes at night

It mesmerizes like a golden June

Warming up the cold through its light

It gives me strength 

To believe in love 

I’m carried on by its length 

As I’m captivated by what’s above

I find myself staring at the sky

We have to look at it from a different view

Change our perspective instead of being shy

There’s a hidden message that rings true 

It can tell me things I didn’t know

Pointing me in another direction 

It appeals and reveals its inner glow

Almost warning me for protection 

I’m forever taken by what I see

Half or full it’s in full bloom 

Creating a world of fantasy 

That shall show itself soon 

I can’t describe the feeling 

Except it gives me more in colder air

I walk in the street admiring the universe’s ceiling

Erasing the pain and fear with cheer

I know you so well 

That your world is filled with sunshine 

I was always able to tell 

Painting pictures like a fancy rhyme 

I’ll see you on the other side 

And rise up slowly and open your door

You’ll greet me warmly with nothing to hide

Awaiting my arrival in your corridor


Love and Peace


“Love and Peace” 

by Derek Felix
We live in a world of tyranny 

On the path to destruction 

Have faith instead of fear in thee 

We must achieve and have more gumption


Overcome the hate and divide 

That hurts and breaks us 

Be more courteous and nice 

Instead of being angry and murderous 


Do what’s right each and every day

Act appropriately and show a kind heart

Stop the antagonism and hurtful words we say

It’s time for a fresh reminder a restart 


Love and Peace 

Isn’t so hard

Love and Peace 

If we all play our part

Love and Peace 

Can make us one 

Love and Peace 

Can make the world fun


Social media isn’t who we really are

Hiding behind computers not showing our face

Step outside and meet me and you’ll discover a star

Using shameful words and labels disgrace the human race


Take a look outside and appreciate the daylight 

Study the uniqueness of nature and a wonderful sky

Walk around and breathe in the wonderful sight

A vacation away taking us from low to high


All we have to do is take in the fresh air 

Take a moment to reflect on what’s real 

And you’ll have no regrets or no tears 

Open our eyes and enjoy how you feel 


Love and Peace

Is needed more than ever

Love and Peace

Is like the wind blowing a feather

Love and Peace 

Can calm you down 

Love and Peace 

Can make you smile instead of frown


I need you to listen and think freely 

It’s important to treat each other better 

Open our minds to a new feeling 

Care for your friends and end the hate forever


We need to come to a resolution 

Without the arguments and fighting 

Put it to work and into fruition 

Be together as Americans portraying a better lighting


Do what’s right over what’s wrong 

Be more tolerant of each other 

Cool down and rock out to a good song 

Spread love to one another 


Love and Peace 

Can be found 

Love and Peace

Is all around 

Love and Peace 

Is needed for survival

Love and Peace 

Demonstrate friendship and revival